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Israel 2010

Israel 2010
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Every year, my wife and I travel to Israel not so much to renew our Jewish roots, but to get a better understanding of life for the average Israeli family. This year we are sharing some of our experiences with 575 readers. We have several reasons to bring you along with us.

The primary purpose of this series is to dispel any misconceptions you may have about coming to Israel. In addition, we want to illustrate, as much as possible, the exceptional recreational, educational, and spiritual opportunities available, and in some cases only available, in this unique country.

Here are some of the things we’ll describe as we go along, through March 1, 2010: Is Israel safe to visit? Is there any reason why a non-religious person might visit Israel? I don’t speak Hebrew, will I be lost there? Is it expensive to travel to the Middle East? Should I take a tour or go it alone? Are Israelis friendly? When is the best time of the year to go? Can I rent a car, book my own hotel, rent an apartment online, use my credit cards, and in general, do all the things I do when I’m on vacation in the States, for my vacation in Israel? And there will be more, much more.

If you have ever considered traveling to the Holy Land (more about this expression in the next installment), and have questions you always wanted to ask, here’s your chance. Send me a note, and I’ll respond from here in Or Akiva or Tel Aviv. And, since I am not a travel agent or tour operator, you can be sure your name will not be on some list flooding your mail box with unwanted “Special Deals.”

When you send a question, please indicate if you wish your name to be included in the response. In any case, your email address will never be included in the discussion.

Next Installment: The Holy Land, Is it safe to travel to Israel, and Caesarea.


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