Monday, January 18, 2010

I think it’s almost time…

I think it’s almost time…
©2010 David Talbot

June 1967, from “In 1967 Israel did not wake up one morning and decide to go to war - she woke up one morning and found she had to defend herself.” After the war ended, Jordan relinquished control of Jerusalem and, as they departed the West Bank, desecrated all Jewish and Christian, cemeteries, holy places, and many structures.

Baghdad, Iraq, March 2003. The United States and 4 allies invade Iraq to topple Sadam Hussein’s regime and eliminate weapons of mass destruction and their capability to make them. Iraq fires missiles into Tel Aviv, and the United States tells Israel not to retaliate.

Gaza Strip, September 12, 2005, from the Associated Press: (AP) “Flames shot skyward from four abandoned synagogues in the Gaza Strip on Monday, as thousands of celebrating Palestinians thronged through former Jewish settlements and headed straight for the only buildings left standing.”

Following the IDF withdrawal from Gaza on 9/12/05, a steady stream of rocket and mortar fire rains down on Israeli towns until last year when Israel finally had enough, and they went in to try and eliminate the threat.

January 11, 2010, an earthquake levels most of Haiti’s capitol city, killing and wounding many thousands of innocent civilians. And, one week later, looting and riots are escalating. One of the first assistance units on the scene? The Israeli Defense Forces, who establish a fully staffed field hospital and begins treating patients. The EU, Palestinians, and their allies condemn Israel for the effort saying the dirty little secret is Israels ignorance of the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza. From HAARETZ, January 18, 2010, “…the remarkable identification with the victims of the terrible tragedy in distant Haiti only underscores the indifference to the ongoing suffering of the people of Gaza.”

I think it’s almost time for Israel to state, in no uncertain terms: No on the division of Jerusalem.

I think it’s almost time for Israel to accept the fact that the Obama administration doesn’t have any interest in Israel, only in getting Israel to make yet another concession that will ultimately raise up and bite them.

I think it’s past time for the United States to realize that promises from the PA and/or Hamas are stalling tactics with the ultimate goal of wiping Israel off the map.

I think it’s past time for the world to admit that North Korea and Iran will have the bomb and that China and Russia are facilitators.

And, I think it’s time that Israel should say, ENOUGH…..

Anyway, that’s my opinion.


David Talbot

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