Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Deal with Iran

I get a lot of terrific commentary from JJ Surbeck and the San Diego Team Organization.  However, what interests me the most  are his "takes" on the subject matter in the articles he is forwarding.  I find them to be as illuminating and interesting as the articles he is sending to his recipients.  This is an example of his commentary on the agreement with Iran, announced yesterday:

"Many people around the world were hoping against all evidence that sanity and simple courage would prevail in Geneva, but who were we kidding? Can a leopard shed its spots? Kerry got the deal that Obama wanted him to ram through, and that’s what happened, most regrettably. It’s too early to know where the French were this time around, but it appears that they chose to keep quiet. So now we have agreed to the deal the Iranians wanted more so than the one Obama should have wanted. The conjunction between the two sides is more than suspicious. Who is Obama supposed to represent? The Iranians or the west? Forgive me for being confused here. Iran is not trustworthy, and yet the Obama administration treats it as if it was as reliable as Denmark, Switzerland, Canada or Australia, all countries that we know we can trust to honor their promises and commitments. Not Iran. Iran cannot be trusted, and yet Obama makes a fool’s deal with them. There are not enough words to describe this historically colossal mistake: stupidity, arrogance, hubris, short-sightedness, criminal negligence, or is it complicity, which would be even worse. At any rate, history will now judge, but for now Israeli leaders are the first ones to express in various degree their dismay, shock and disgust. I am as disgusted as they are. An attack appears now to be the only certainty left. It’s not if any more, but when. Nice job, Mr. President. Well done, Mr. Secretary of State."

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