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At Last The Truth Comes Out
©June 2010, By David Talbot

I have been watching the disaster being played out in the waters off the Israeli/Gaza Coast. And, while I admit I am biased in favor of Israel, I believe the Jewish State was manipulated by Hamas, Iran, and others, into an impossible position. And finally the true mission of the flotilla bringing “desperately needed aid supplies to our suffering Palestinian brothers and sisters” has been revealed. A headline in the Jerusalem Post, June 2, 2010, says it all: “Flotilla Aid Supplies Refused By Hamas.”

While President Obama and 200 countries around the world are condemning Israel’s actions 40 miles off it’s coast, especially the death of 9 persons on board the ships, the sad truth is that the world loves to hate Israel and that’s really what it’s all about.

How else can you explain such vehement blasting of Israel, after it asked the flotilla to put into port for an inspection of the cargo? And, Israel offered to let the cargo pass to Gaza, if it proved to be humanitarian relief aid. Of course the ships turned down the offer. Why? The answer is simple, they wanted a fight. And Israel took the bait.

To prove the point of international hatred of Israel, consider what happened last week. North Korea, in a true act of war, torpedoed a South Korean ship in international waters killing 46 South Korean sailors. Did the world erupt in violent protest? No! Did President Obama call for an investigation? No! Did Secretary Clinton, traveling in the Far East rise to the defense of our traditional ally? Of course not! That kind of reaction is reserved for little Israel who fully understands the punch line: “It isn’t paranoia when they really are out to get you!”

I don’t know what the final outcome of this disaster will be, as it is being played out now, at the U.N. and in capitols around the globe. But I can guess. Israel will be forced into some accommodation of the Palestinians, by the Obama Administration, which has finally found a country in the world that will actually follow, albeit reluctantly, U.S. pressure.

Anyway, that’s my opinion, what’s yours? My contact information is posted below.


David Talbot

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