Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Americans Fighting Terrorism

(Sent to me by: Brigitte Gabriel, American Congress for Truth)
Action Alert
H.R. 1640, the Protecting Americans Fighting Terrorism Act of 2007
A Bill to Protect Americans from Legal Intimidation by Islamic Jihad

The six-imam issue has taken an unexpected turn. CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) has demanded the names of the passengers who reported the suspicious activity at MinneapolisAirport on November 21, 2006 so they can be included in their religious discrimination lawsuit. In response to this even more aggressive attack by American Muslims on America's security, Congressman Steve Pearce, R-NM, introduced in Congress the "Protecting Americans Fighting Terrorism Act of 2007, H.R. 1640." This bill would protect Americans from being sued for reporting suspicious activities to law enforcement and security personnel. It is a very simple bill and is presented in full at the end of this Action Alert.

Please make your voice heard in support of this bill by asking your representative to co-sponsor H.R. 1640, the Protecting Americans Fighting Terrorism Act of 2007. Below is a letter you can send to your representative in Congress.

Take Action Today

Go to the American Congress for Truth CONTACT CONGRESS link at: http://www.americancongressfortruth.org/contact-congress.asp.

Email and/or fax the letter to your legislator. For much greater impact, ALSO call them at both their local offices and their Washington offices. Every phone call represents one thousand voters. They need to hear from 40 to 50 people about the same issue to make it their top priority. 40 to 50 people represent 40 to 50 thousand voters on Election Day. That can make or break an election. This is the power you have as a voter.

Email this action alert to all your friends and urge them to do the same. Ask your friends to subscribe to our emails and action alerts. It is vital that we have them on our list to be able to notify them about such important issues so they can become a voice affecting your community and our nation. If you have never called a legislator before, it is very simple. A staffer will answer, and all you need to do is tell them you have a request for your representative. Then ask them to support the bill. Since this bill was just introduced in Congress, the staffer might not know about it, so you might have to explain it. Be passionate, but polite. Get the staffer on our side. That will make our voices even louder.

Thank you for doing your part in helping me protect America, the dream that became my address.

Brigitte Gabriel

Dear Representative ________,
As your constituent, I ask you to co-sponsor H.R. 1640, the Protecting Americans Fighting Terrorism Act of 2007, introduced by Congressman Steve Pearce, R-NM.
H.R. 1640 To provide liability protection for individuals who report suspicious behavior to law enforcement agencies.

"An individual shall not be liable for any injury or damages relating to such individual's qualified disclosure of suspicious behavior. A civil action for damages related to such disclosure may not be brought in any State or Federal court. For purposes of this section, the term 'qualified disclosure of suspicious behavior' means any disclosure of the allegedly suspicious behavior of another individual or individuals to a State, Federal, or local law enforcement agency or other security personnel that is made in good faith and with the reasonable belief that such behavior is suspicious."

As Americans, we must not allow ourselves to be bullied by political radical Islamic groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other American Muslims. Whether it is an intimidation tactic or a full scale attack, Americans have the right and responsibility to protect themselves, to be vigilant, and to participate on an individual level in protecting our country. We cannot allow the advocates of political Islam to make Americans wonder if they could be sued before reporting possible terrorist activity.

As a voter I, as well as all my friends, colleagues and associates in your district, will be monitoring your vote on this issue.

Thank you.

Your Name

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